The Apocalypse Annals

There’s no resisting a great headline, so thanks to Michael Tobis for pointing me to this bit of hilarity via his Google reader. But if you absolutely must take James Cameron seriously, then head over to Revkin’s place. As for Cameron’s walk-on role in the gulf oil gusher epic, my brain tells me that Andy’s right to have noted that,

given Cameron’s proven skills in assembling specialists to solve daunting technical challenges in deep water, I can’t see much of a downside in any of this.

But I’m having trouble getting past my own bias, because I loathed Avatar.

On the subject of disasters and headlines, let me return the favor to Michael and suggest this post from David Rothkopf, which an editor at Foreign Policy had the good sense to highlight as:

We should just be glad Obama’s not curled up on the floor weeping

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