The Eye of the Storm

That’s the title of a profile I wrote of James Hansen, which is published today in Nature Reports: Climate Change. (Publishing cycles can be cruel, sometimes.)  Hansen’s first book, Storms of my Grandchildren, is due out in December. When I met with him a few weeks ago to talk about the book’s themes, as well as other matters, climategate hadn’t yet hit.

Still, there should be enough interesting nuggets in my piece to satisfy climate news junkies. Also, Newsweek is running an excerpt of the book next week, along with a Q & A. They recently updated their interview with him and posted it online, to include Hansen’s take on the CRU hacked email scandal.

I enjoyed Hansen’s book, which I read in advance of my interview with him. There’s plenty to discuss there, including what he feels were missed opportunities (by him) to sway the Bushies on climate change early in the Administration’s first term.  Some great insider anecdotes on his dueling with Richard Lindzen too.

I’ll talk more about the contents of the book over the weekend.

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