Who Killed Copenhagen?

Foreign Policy magazine cites President Obama as the top culprit. Bill McKibben couldn’t agree more but still winces as he sticks in the shiv. The editors at Mother Jones have to be plenty pissed too, since they gambled on Copenhagen’s relevance with the current special issue. They also had plans to send a team of staffers there. Gotta wonder if that’s still on, since the summit is shaping up to be, as McKibben now describes it,

nothing more than a glorified talking session.

David Roberts writes a cogent counter to Mr. 350, even counsels everyone to hang tight and let the prez play out his hand.

So far this green on green disagreement is oh so polite.  Just wait. You know who hasn’t weighed in yet. And there’s a certain famous climate scientist who is about to get back in the ring, after being sidelined with health issues.

McKibben/Roberts have just engaged in some harmless sparring. Think of it as a public warmup to the real deal. That one’s going 15 rounds, will be tag-team affair, and much bloggy blood will be shed. Get your popcorn on.

UPDATE:  Marc Morano, seizing on international criticism of Obama, has some fun:

Climate Depot warmly welcomes President Obama’s half-hearted climate efforts. Mr. President, welcome to the “delayers.”

It’s getting to be a big club, and the propagandists on both sides find it useful to their cause.

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