The Gambler

I have an upcoming story in the Nov/Dec issue of Archaeology magazine that will perhaps generate some controversy among Southwestern archaeologists. (It’s called “Who were the Anasazi?”)  The piece explores Navajo claims to ancient Puebloan sites in Chaco Canyon and other famous prehistoric ruins in the Four Corners region. My story also discusses a wealth of new Navajo archaeological sites discovered outside Farmington, New Mexico in the last 15 years (courtesy of a big natural gas project).

As some people have already mentioned to me, the Nov/Dec print issue of Archaeology is already on newstands and arriving in subscriber mailboxes. But it won’t be online until the end of this month or on Dec 1. Thus, until I can actually link to the story, I’m going to hold off on posting about it. But I will have much to say about it then. So too, I understand, will several science journalists and archaeology bloggers be writing about it. I’m glad to hear that, because although the story focuses on the Navajo, it speaks to a number of larger issues smoldering in SW archaological circles.

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