Morano's Recurring Military Nightmare

Looks like retired military brass are fanning out to make the case for a national security angle to climate change. That’s going to add a whole new interesting dimension to the political debate.

It also presents a sustained narrative that Marc Morano will have trouble countering at Climate Depot. Many of his headlines and links are intended to mock  people he often labels as “climate alarmists.” You can’t do that to four stars. It won’t play well.

So based on today’s Climate Depot headline (“Sad to Watch: Vice Adm. McGinn spouts silliness”), it appears that Morano will try blunting the military angle with patronization. Kinda like when you pat an aging, doddering relative on the head, while ruing his declining memory or intellectual capacity.

Sorry, Marc, you’re going to have to do better than that.

4 Responses to “Morano's Recurring Military Nightmare”

  1. Marc Morano says:

    Thanks Keith. The “national security” climate argument is so silly, all any reasonable person can do is ridicule it.

    I wrote a comprehensive editorial already outlining the reasons why it is pure bunk:

    Climate Depot’s Inconvenient Rebuttal to ‘National Security’ Climate Argument ““ August 9, 2009–But-claims-are-merely-a-redux-of-1970s-laughable-scares-about-famines-and-resource-scarcity

    Even the wash. Post weather guys said this was a tough sell on national security.

    I really don’t feel that military brass will get much traction with this drivel other than to completely embarrass themselves.


  2. Keith Kloor says:


    The Pentagon is in the business of contingency planning. They feel climate change will be a “threat multiplier.” Whether you agree with this or not, they still feel it’s something that has to be contended with. I maintain that that national security angle presents you with a different set of actors to take on in this debate. But I look forward to seeing how you engage them. I doubt outright dismissal–calling their argument “drivel”–will win you many debating points.

  3. BK Martin says:

    I gotta give Keith partial credit because he’s half right Marc. Climate change will be a threat to national security, but it’s the much graver issue of the planet cooling and not the pathetic claim of CO2 forced warming that will threaten our future.  6 billion humans is not a sustainable number in a massively chilled environment, the breadbasket won’t be big enough…

  4. Matt says:

    Just jumping on the money bandwaggon. Now the fear of global warming while be used to justify increased military preparedness, and all the profitable procurement contracts that will follow.

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