Sipping Wine Till Doomsday

If there are any French wine snobs among global warming skeptics, this news from Green Inc. might help convert them.

Then again, I happened to see the movie Bottle Shock the other day, which taught me there’s no reason to be a french wine snob anymore.

Of course, as with everything else climate change related, there appear to be winners and losers in the wine business:

Some formerly unlikely regions in Europe, like Britain, are already producing prize-winning vintages thanks to warming conditions. Supporters of English sparkling wines say that they regularly hold their own against the top Champagnes in blind taste tests.

A few wine regions in France have also benefited from recent changes. For example, higher average temperatures in Champagne have prompted earlier blooming and earlier grape harvests, along with better maturation of grapes and much stronger yields.

As for Napa Valley, the locals seemed to have concluded that they will weather doomsday just fine.

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