A Novel Cancer Cure?

Some stories peddled on Twitter are beyond ridiculous.

This particular one, published at the website run by Mike Adams, the self-described consumer health advocate (who I have written about here and here), is also dangerous. There are people with cancer who are susceptible to charismatic quackery and claims of miracle cures.

Many are particularly drawn to mind over body stories. For example, you might remember or have heard of Norman Cousins, who wrote a best-selling book in 1979 (later made into a TV movie) about how laugher helped him beat a disease. Today, there is a “laughing cure” movement  and even a laughing guru.

I’m pretty sure that Mike Adams, with his Dr. Oz-promoted appearances and popular websites touting natural cancer cures, is laughing all the way to the bank.

2 Responses to “A Novel Cancer Cure?”

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  2. Cassandra says:

    He also says you can cure a cancerous tumor in four days by injecting it with baking soda.

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