No Critical Thinking Required

On Twitter, a popular health advocate makes this observation:

Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

Here’s another correlation that will blow your mind.

You can check out all manner of “spurious correlations” at this site, which Knight Science Journalism blogger Paul Raeburn and others have been noting of late.

5 Responses to “No Critical Thinking Required”

  1. Viva La Evolucion says:

    I think Keith Kloor would have better shown his point if he would have shown the correlation between organic food sales and ER visits due to food allergies.

  2. mem_somerville says:

    Every three minutes, a scientist or public health professional bangs their head on their desk because of something clueless they see on twitter.

  3. realheadline says:

    The correlation between the amount of government money given to the climate cult and the number of ‘scientific’ reports generated to validate their beliefs.

  4. JH says:

    There’s no lack of critical thinking here! Using these spurious correlations is 100% intentional.

    We also have 100%-intentional mischaracterizations to explain away data that are perfectly real and aren’t even the result of spurious correlations – the no-pause-in-atmospheric-temperature crowd – and people who just plain old make things up – the Sandy-is-the-new-normal crowd (if so, it’s better than the old normal, where storms were much worse).

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