Morano & the Military

[UPDATE: Morano insists I got this wrong. See below.]

Not a peep from Climate Depot about this hearing and the climate climate change concerns expressed by former Senator John Warner and military brass. When it comes to mocking so-called climate alarmism, Morano rarely misses an opportunity. Yet this is twice in the past week.

I guess the national security angle doesn’t fit the master narrative he’s trying to convey at Climate Depot. Or he doesn’t want to take pot shots at the miltiary. Probably both.

LATER: In an email to me this morning, Morano writes that, “I posted at least two articles on the vaunted ‘military’ angle you think I am so afraid of. Search my page right now…you owe me a correction!!!”

I know my eyes are in need of new specs but all I see is a link to this blog post with this Morano headline:

“Just When You Thought Global Warming Couldn’t Get More Stupid, In Walks John Kerry.”

And a link to this news story with this Morano headline:

“Laughable: Senate warned US will be ‘dragged into conflict if global climate change goes unchecked.'”

Ok, I did initially see the first Morano headline and I based my argument on the fact that he was mocking Kerry and not Warner or the retired military officials. That was convenient of Morano.  As for his second “Laughable” link (which I only just saw), Morano clearly is poking fun at the testimony–that much I’ll grant– but he still refuses to zing the military brass or Warner in the personal manner that he reserves for Kerry, democrats and climate scientists that assert climate change is for real.

As soon as I see him demonstrate that–and he’ll have more opportunities–I’ll be sure to note it.

EVEN LATER: Scanning Climate Depot late Friday, I noticed that Morano links here with this top headline:

Laughable: Fmr. Sen. Warner: “There’s a building base of evidence that global warming is contributing to much of the instability of the world today.”

3 Responses to “Morano & the Military”

  1. Rob says:

    Hey Genius,

    Climate Depot was all over this this last week.  How about trying a little research before you make a claim.

    Oh wait, I forgot, all you alarmists make claims without knowing the facts

  2. Orson says:

    FROM junkscience to jokescience? – NOW, who’s gonna play the Baghdad Bob of global warming True Belief? I nominate Al Gore if he can duke it pout with James Hansen….

  3. Mark C says:

    The joke that has become climate alarmism reminds of the saying  by the genius Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does!

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