What Happened to Grist?

Kudos to Grist for posting this rebuttal. I actually suggested such a thing yesterday on their site. Probably a coincidence. More likely they acted after seeing the dueling Huffington posts between Romm and TBI.

Anyway, maybe this augurs a new chapter in Grist’s reincarnation as…a more diverse group blog. I wish they never went in this direction in the first place–the blog format. They had carved out a nice niche by pioneering a new, compulsively readable brand of environmental journalism–something that was so desperately needed. What’s happening over there now with the complete overhaul of the site strikes me as an identity crisis.

Personally, I think they’ve squandered their hard-earned credibility by becoming just another outlet for environmental activists. Yes, they have bona fide journalists on staff (and talented ones), but in the new design there’s no real differentiation between them and the Joe Romms and Lester Browns.

I’m all for change, really. Every magazine and website has to reinvent itself to stay current. But in this case, Grist changed from a magazine to a friggin group blog.  I mean, jeez, you all were doing essential work, running great packages on environmental justice, the “death of environmentalism” controversy, etc. Nobody else gave such issues an immediacy and fresh take. If you had to become something else, why not morph into an environmental version of Slate? You were already halfway there!

Now what are you? Climate change central, 24/7.  Is that the best you can think up?

2 Responses to “What Happened to Grist?”

  1. Steve Bloom says:

    Gee, Keith, 5 out of the 10 posts currently on your front page touch on Romm.  Obsessed?

    Your complaint about too much climate change coverage is revealing, BTW.  It shows that you don’t have a very good grasp of the problem. 

  2. Keith Kloor says:

    He’s been particularly slanderous of late, which I’ve duly taken note of. Since none of you Rommians will call him on it, somebody should. He also brooks no criticism of his methods on his own website, so that leave’s one’s own blog. Trust me, if I thought that you were the only one reading me, I probably wouldn’t bother.

    It’s really admirable how loyal you are to him, Steve. And the fact that you pop up when ever someone takes him to task is interesting. As for my grasp of the climate change issue, I’m going to rely on you to get me up to speed everytime I tweak Romm or write something about adaptation.

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