Sulfur Man

That sulfurous odor emanating from Climate Progress is Joe Romm’s latest blast against his arch-enemies at The Breakthrough Institute. I’ve heard how Romm censors comments that are critical of him, so I thought I’d test him out. Sure enough, the self-proclaimed son of a journalist declined to approve this gentle rap from me:

I read the short op-ed in the SF chronicle three times. I fail to see how it can be characterized as an “attack” on Obama and Democratic leaders. Civil criticism of policy and proposed legislation, yes, but attack?

Yet an impartial observer, reading the language and tone you use in critical posts of TBI and journalists would have no problem characterizing those posts as attacks, no?

I’m starting to wonder when CP readers will grow tired of your shrillness and tune you out. In that vein, I wonder when your readers will realize how similar you are in style and tactics to Limbaugh and his crowd, as I argue here.

Romm loves to dish it out, often personalizing his attacks in a coarse manner that would earn him grudging respect from the likes of Bill O’Reilly. Of course, like O’Reilly, Romm can’t abide it when anyone is critical of him.

3 Responses to “Sulfur Man”

  1. Steve Bloom says:

    No, no, Keith, you’re more like O’Reilly.  Or perhaps Goebbels.  Yes, that’s it, I’ll just pick a random unpleasant name and hope it resonates.

  2. Not Steve Bloom says:

    Wow Steve Bloom’s post has got to be a record for Godwin’s Law.  First comment.    Funny thing is that Romm only has these half-dozen or so guys defending him over and over.  It is a pretty exclusive club.

  3. Steve Bloom says:

    No sense of irony whatsoever, eh, NSB? 

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