Mockery Made Cute–and Tasteless

Why is Joe Romm exploiting his daughter to make hay over a political party that is completely marginalized and has no power whatsoever to influence current climate legislation in Congress? It makes no sense to me. She’s a really cute child and I’m a proud father myself. But I find it unbecoming to plaster your kid’s face on the web for the sake of a blog post that is intended as mockery.

And what is Romm’s point, anyway? That the GOP has been doing its best to sabotage a climate bill, right? And they have done this how? By offering a gazillion amendments? By talking nonsense about climate change? By working from an outdated, rhetorical playbook?  C’mon. That fly Obama swatted down presented a bigger threat to the Waxman-Markey Bill.

Get a grip, Joe. As anyone who has been following the debate knows, and as this recent piece in Grist makes clear, the fate of the Waxman-Markey bill resides with House Democrats. Why are you wasting your time (on Father’s Day, no less!) on a political non-entity? It would at least have been better if you saved your daughter’s adorable visage for a worthier ax to grind.

2 Responses to “Mockery Made Cute–and Tasteless”

  1. It’s called humor.  Try it some time.  It’ll help YOU get a grip.

  2. Keith Kloor says:

    I got the stab at humor.  Sorry, I still find publicizing your daughter’s picture at the top of a blog post unseemly.

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