What Kind of Game Changer?

The hyped climate report released today by the Obama Administration is not in itself a “game changer.” As the AP’s Seth Borenstein notes:

The White House document “” a climate status report required periodically by Congress “” contains no new research.

The real game changer, illustrated by today’s press conference at the White House and the snazzy new website, is that we have a President who is willing to flex political muscle on the climate change issue.  As Borenstein wrote, the report

paints a fuller, more cohesive and darker picture of global warming in the United States than previous studies and brief updates during the George W. Bush years.

But those who think this “darker picture” will be a game changer are probably going to be disappointed. To truly effect a change in public attitude and policy, Obama will have to stay consistently engaged with the issue in a substantive manner.

One Response to “What Kind of Game Changer?”

  1. Haven’t looked at it closely, but it is the first time in ten years we’ve had one so comprehensive and if utilized, its value should come with bringing down to regional levels of the country what the impacts are/will be.  Such localizing could/should give a much more tangible vision of what climate means to households, something that global mean temperature or sea level rise just can’t do.  So if used appropriately, could be quite powerful I should think.

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