If It's Freezing Outside, That Must Mean…

I’m such a piker that I always think it’s neat when 10 or 20 people retweet me. Occasionally, when the planets are aligned, several dozen will retweet a piece of mine or something interesting I may have said in 160 characters.

I mean, it’s not like I’m Donald Trump, who has over 2 million followers. Oh, look, here’s one of his from yesterday that was retweeted 1,200 times:

Rupert Murdoch, not to be outdone by such a wannabe mogul, chimed in today with this tweet:

“And that’s the way it is,” as a news anchor used to say every night before signing off. At least that’s where we still are with this weather/climate misunderstanding. Or maybe with Trump and Murdoch this is just a case of, as Forrest Gump famously said:

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