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The Nuclear Backlash

It’s gonna hurt, reports the Guardian: The International Energy Agency has warned that the world faces higher energy costs, more carbon emissions and greater supply uncertainty if it turns its back on nuclear. Nobuo Tanaka, the executive director, signalled the organisation was likely to cut its estimates of atomic power when it finalises its latest World…Continue Reading…

The Libertarian Position on Global Warming

Let’s just say that Marc Morano will not be pleased.

The Geoengineering Genie

Are scientists eager (frantic?) to uncork it? The Guardian puts its spin on a scoop: Leaked documents ahead of key Lima meeting suggest UN body is looking to slow emissions with technological fixes rather than talks.

The Polarized Political Climate

Last night was a double treat for me: I dodged the torturous bedtime ritual and attended a smart debate about politics. (Afterwards, I was so covetous of my freedom that I skipped down 5th Avenue like an escaped convict, unsure of what to do next.) Regular readers of this blog will not be surprised to…Continue Reading…

A Controversy Renewed

Mark Lynas, author of Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet, is not only disturbed by the IPCC’s latest bungle, he’s paying credit to Steve McIntyre for picking up on it. Bishop Hill has gathered some initial reaction from across the spectrum. It’ll be another grand merry go round, courtesy of the IPCC.

A Climate Plea From the Liberal Camp

Stop saying everything is because of climate change. Just stop it. The “weatherdude” implores the Daily Kos community.

The Population Scarecrow

One of these days, we’re going to have an adult, non-alarmist conversation about population. That would be a discussion that avoids Soylent Green imagery and talks, instead, about population in place-specific terms (which is how these guys do it). Most public debate on population, however, is conflated with a list of global concerns (peak oil,…Continue Reading…

What's the Story?

The E. coli outbreak in Europe has been widely covered, so it’s unclear to me what Matt Ridley thinks the media and activists are being silent about. That organic food is more dangerous that nuclear power and deep-water oil drilling? Is that what he is inferring?

The Problem, in a Nutshell

Humankind doesn’t innovate in really profound ways that change whole societies until they are in a situation of emergency. Thomas Homer-Dixon, speaking last week at this conference.

She's Off to See Her Guru

I somehow wound up on the email list of a New Age promoter (was it the Universe’s doing?) who sent a message to all her fellow seekers this morning: I’m off to see my guru. It’s been four years since I visited the holy site in Brazil where my guru practices his miraculous healing. I’m…Continue Reading…