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About that "Authoritarian Envy"

It’s good to see I’m not the only one bothered by it. Now this post–and President Obama’s speech on Tuesday–is the way to balance that admiration for China with some healthy perspective.

The Me Epoch

What a long, strange trip it’s been, from apeman to hydrocarbon man. Is it time we humans aped Donald Trump and named a geological age after ourselves? I can see the argument laid out in this essay, but don’t we already know we’re masters of the universe? I don’t see how making it official is…Continue Reading…

Yesterday's Zany Headlines

Why should you be deprived because I didn’t get to them in time. Without further ado, from Salon: Manchin will sit on Energy Committee, shoot at environmental bills From the indispensable Romenesko: Zell: ‘I just don’t need to be the media’s bitch anymore’ And finally, from the Washington Post, (in another decade this would have…Continue Reading…

He's Got a Point

We can’t win the snowstorm. How can we win the future? That’s the teaser to this WTF post by a blogger with the best tagline: How The World Is Really Run

Green Me, Baby

Well, I didn’t take the poll, but I’m putting my nomination in early for the official TreeShagger song. I’m also shocked–shocked–that this number one green pastime didn’t make the cut.

Kicking the Catastrophe Habit

I’ve just come across a British psychology blog (new to me) that talks about a Berkley climate change-related study that was widely reported and chewed over in the U.S. This latest post has a good summary of the study’s methodology and also provides some larger context: This is the latest in a string of studies…Continue Reading…

Comment of the Day

I generally like to go elsewhere for these nuggets, but this one makes you wonder: If you chart acceptance of the Romm hell and high water scenario against the time he’s blogged, you will see a steady downturn beginning right about when he started. Romm isn’t swimming against the stream. He’s pushing the stream in…Continue Reading…

Riddle Me This

A very interesting correlation between global warming and evolution–and not the one that may spring immediately to your mind.

When Up is Down in Romm World

Huh? Is Joe Romm trying hard to convince himself that he’s not swimming against the current? If truth serum existed, and you gave it to Romm just before he sat down to write this post, you can be sure it would have turned out differently. Even one of Romm’s fiercest loyalists concedes the obvious (at…Continue Reading…

The Lines are Being Drawn

Joe Romm is highlighting this extraordinary assertion from Robert Brulle, a prominent academic who writes often about environmental affairs: By failing to even rhetorically address climate change, Obama is mortgaging our future and further delaying the necessary work to build a political consensus for real action. This broadside follows on the heels of the State…Continue Reading…