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Bushian Horror Fodder

In passing comments published in yesterday’s New York Times Book review section, Stephen King explains how the previous Administration inspired the theme for his new new novel: I enjoyed taking the Bush-Cheney dynamic and shrinking it to the small-town level. The last administration interested me because of the aura of fundamentalist religion that surrounded it…Continue Reading…

Food for Thought

Or something to chew on when you pass the free range stuffing later this week.

She's Got Legs?

UPDATE: CEJ’s Tom Yulsman has my favorite one-liner so far: I’m not sure even Michael Crichton could have dreamed something like this up. So this Hadley hacker affair will, as Keith Johnson at Environmental Scandal puts it, “spice things up” for a wee bit. It’s too early to jump to any conclusions, so Roger Pielke…Continue Reading…

Countdown to Copenhagen

My Friday post at Nature’s Climate Feedback is up.

The War Against Warming

That’s the title of a new story on “climate security” that I wrote for Nature Reports: Climate Change, published today. Climate security has become more than a convenient frame for politicians looking to win support for cap and trade legislation. It’s a real concern that military brass around the world are trying to get a…Continue Reading…

The Population Card

[UPDATE: Heh, a day after I wrote my post, this appears in the Guardian] Perhaps unbeknownst to them, Roger Pielke Jr. and Joe Romm agree that population is not an important variable to the climate change equation. There’s a related issue that Roger doesn’t address in his post, when it comes to coupling population with…Continue Reading…

The Reign of Coal

If you read this post in Grist, and David Biello’s piece in Scientific American, you’re likely to walk away feeling encouraged by the recent China-U.S. joint statement, which lays out the common ground between the two countries on a host of issues, including “climate change, energy, and the environment.” But if you want a more…Continue Reading…

Countdown to Copenhagen

My Tuesday post at Nature’s Climate Feedback is up.

Who Killed Copenhagen?

Foreign Policy magazine cites President Obama as the top culprit. Bill McKibben couldn’t agree more but still winces as he sticks in the shiv. The editors at Mother Jones have to be plenty pissed too, since they gambled on Copenhagen’s relevance with the current special issue. They also had plans to send a team of…Continue Reading…

Doomsday Shivers

Black holes and Mayan prophecies do the trick. Global warming not so much. Few seem to be getting worked up over peak oil, either, which has the resource depletion crowd wringing their hands. Still, these are boom times for the apocalypse, as this piece in the Chicago Tribune reports.