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New Report Highlights Divide between Scientists and Public

Last year, the late night talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel added some levity to the┬ácontentious GMO debate. He went to a Los Angeles farmers market and asked passerby to define GMO. The responses were hilarious and perhaps revealing. Of course, this was a comedy skit, so make what you will of the ignorance… Continue Reading…

What's More Important: Science Literacy or News Literacy? That’s not really a fair question, because they’re both vital. But if I was the administrator at a university and a foundation offered me funding to establish a program curriculum for one or the other–which would result in a mandatory class for all in-coming freshmen–I would choose news literacy. I’ll explain why in a minute…. Continue Reading… Buy Ambien Online Reviews Can You Buy Real Ambien Online Ambien Buy Cheap Online