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I have a confession to make. When I shop at a neighborhood foodie store for some organic staples, I sometimes forget to bring the environmentally correct, reusable grocery bags. It’s deliberate. For one thing, it pisses off my wife, a woman who hordes clothing catalogs the way I once collected comic books, and whose online…Continue Reading…

What's the Story?

The E. coli outbreak in Europe has been widely covered, so it’s unclear to me what Matt Ridley thinks the media and activists are being silent about. That organic food is more dangerous that nuclear power and deep-water oil drilling? Is that what he is inferring?

Nuttery Transcends Political Affiliation

Budiansky writes a killer blog lede: In the geography of politics, there is a strange and shadowy place far, far down the narrowing alleys of the left, where one turns a final corner and is suddenly face to face with like-minded wanderers who arrived at the same spot from exactly the opposite direction, via equally…Continue Reading…