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Website That Excerpts Work of Journalists Without Their Permission Crosses an Ethical Line

A frequent complaint reporters hear about their stories pertains to headlines. Often they will agree (somewhat), throw up their hands in frustration and say, “I didn’t write the headline.” Which is true. Editors generally write headlines. It’s not an easy task. When I was a one-time editor just starting out, I pretty much sucked at… Continue Reading…

Mike Adams, AKA the 'Health Ranger,' Wants Some Respect

In my previous post, I reported on legal threats recently made by Mike Adams against Forbes and one of its contributing writers, Jon Entine, who oversees the Genetic Literacy Project. Entine is hardly the first science writer/blogger to shine a spotlight on Adams, whose penchant for raw foods, alternative health treatments and various outlandish conspiracy… Order Zolpidem Online Uk Continue Reading…

Mike Adams, the Alt Medicine Purveyor Who Calls himself the 'Health Ranger,' Threatens to Sue Forbes and Writer

It is not unusual for public figures to be unhappy with how they are portrayed in the media. Sometimes their complaints are understandable, other times not so much. What is unusual is for a public figure to take legal action against a journalist. That’s because in the United States there is a very high bar… Continue Reading… Buy Discount Ambien Zolpidem Tablets Online Buy Ambien Prescription Online Ambien Sleeping Tablets Online Buy Generic Ambien Online Uk Cheapest Ambien Ambien Cr Online Ambien Buy Canada Ambien Tablets Online Ambien Order Ambien Buyers In Usa