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Standing with Charlie Hebdo and Against Extremism

The murderous terrorist attack on a French satirical newspaper, which left 12 people dead, has shocked and outraged the world. Islamic extremists targeted Charlie Hebdo, the Paris-based paper, for its cartoons lampooning Islam. But it’s worth noting–as many have–that the paper poked fun at politicians, celebrities, and all the major religions.This caption explains the cover above….Continue Reading…

Jerry Coyne's Crusade

In my previous post, I took issue with how Jerry Coyne crudely indicted an entire religion (Islam) based on the murderous actions of a few adherents. (And that was a perversion of the faith’s tenets, Islamic leaders say.) The way Coyne made his blanket generalization was lame. He referred to this passage in a CNN…Continue Reading…

The World According to Intolerant Atheists

This tweet and blog post headline is really something: Islam Apparently behind Boston bombing It’s from Jerry Coyne, the evolutionary biologist who apparently would blame environmentalism for Ted Kaczynski.