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The Arctic Chessboard

Taking note of this news out of Denmark, Time’s Ecocentric blog wondered, Is the scramble over the North Pole back on? As I discussed here, the scramble has been on for a few years already. I call it the global warming = Arctic geopolitical hot spot narrative. Over at the Natural Security blog, the wonks have…Continue Reading…

The Geopolitics of Global Warming

In recent years, the Arctic has become a place where global warming and geopolitics intersect. Over at Frontier Earth, I check the status of this hot spot.

The Arctic Challenge

As I noted in this review of Cleo Paskal’s new book, “the northwest passage looms large in geopolitics.” Paskal argues that the the U.S. and European Union are allowing short term economic interests in the Arctic to threaten their long-term security interests. It’s one of the more provocative assertions she makes in Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises…Continue Reading…