The Frankenstein Candidate

This headline says it all:

Ron Paul hates energy subsidies, doubts climate change, and loves riding his bike

6 Responses to “The Frankenstein Candidate”

  1. Sam says:

    What is meant by Frankenstein? The article explains why he likes bikes:
    “Paul told Grist that cycling is his favorite outdoor activity, but not for environmental reasons. “I don’t ride my bike because I think I’m destroying the environment by driving my car; I ride it because it’s a great way to be outdoors and enjoy the environment,” he said.”
    That isn’t inconsistent with doubting climate change and ending subsidies, is it?

  2. Jon P says:

    Of course! We have the Dracula President now, who sux the life out of the economy, stays in the shadows and lets his minions act (does not lead), keeps his background secret, and has the arrogance portion perfected.

  3. Bob Koss says:

    I agree with Sam. I don’t see Paul as being inconsistent about those items. Using trollish post titles with no rational justification presented seems a petty thing to do. Very disappointing to see it coming from a Journalism professor.
    I commented on a similar situation in this earlier thread.

  4. Keith Kloor says:

    It seems some of you are forgetting the irreconcilable complexity of the Frankenstein monster, which is what I was after. From Wikipedia:

    The monster, intelligent and articulate, tells Frankenstein of his encounters with humans, and how he had become afraid of them and spent a year living near a cottage, observing the family living there…In his travels some time later, the monster sees a young girl tumble into a stream and rescues her from drowning. A man, seeing the monster with the child in his arms, pursues the monster and fires a gun, wounding him. The monster now swears to have vengeance on all humanity, and especially on his creator.

  5. Jon P says:

    So Keith, Ron Paul is is going after God?

    Interesting POV.

  6. Jeff Norris says:

    I too fail to see the reason for the Frankenstein connection.  From the Grist piece it would seem Paul is doing the right thing for all the politically wrong reasons.

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