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When the Pack Overruns the Story

I don’t know about you, but I’m still getting whiplash from the write-ups of the splashy Cornell University study that concluded shale gas is probably every bit as potent a greenhouse gas as coal and oil. (I first wrote about the study here.) Let’s retrace the course of the media coverage this past week. Hang…Continue Reading…

Shale Gas Debate Heating Up

And it’s prompting so much rapid head swiveling you’re liable to get whiplash.

Methane Abundance

No, it’s not the title of a new Howard Stern skit. It’s what Rockefeller University’s Jesse Ausubel calls the world we live in today, over at Dot Earth, where Andrew Revkin is asking if this new shale gas report from EIA completely ices the case that gas is now (more than was already clear) a fundamental game…Continue Reading…