Bulldozing a Path for Nuclear Power

At Climate Central, I take stock of Monbiot’s recent onslaught against the anti-nuclear movement. Check it out and chime in over there.


P.S.- The RSS feed for Frontier Earth is now fixed. Also, comments will be approved promptly (except when I’m asleep!).

4 Responses to “Bulldozing a Path for Nuclear Power”

  1. StuartR says:

    Monbiots early trenchant *principled* stance on climategate faded into a whisper – don’t ask us to remember it, or tell me to read his later doubts and confessions.
    I think his position here is stronger but not because of anything *he* himself brings to the table.

  2. kdk33 says:

    So, Keith, what’s the moderation policy over there at climate depot central.

  3. Keith Kloor says:

    I’m glad you brought that up (but you didn’t get my email?).

    Anyway, your snide reference above is reflective of the comment you left over there. I emailed to say that I intended to keep Climate Frontier an insult-free and snark-free zone.

    If you need to let off steam that is is only mildly insulting without being overly personal, you can still do so here. (I’d hate for you to keep it all bottled up. It’s not healthy. This goes for some of my friends on the other side of the spectrum, too–your counterparts–who like to shoot spitballs my way. I’d hate to deprive them of the pleasure.

    But over there, I’d like to try and keep it as clean as possible.

  4. kdk33 says:

    Well, I’ll soon test you out.  I’ll try to disagree as politely as possible and see if you post it.  BTW, I thought my Easter Bunny reference was not only humorous but timely, sorry you found it insulting.

    Frankly, though, don’t you think that site is a little rich on propaganda.  Not even sophisticated propaganda, but silly propaganda.  Are you taking the “climate change increases medical risks article seriously”.  Seriously.

    Well, good luck.  My apologies for being overly snarky.

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