Bogus Headline of the Day

Wishful thinking by Bishop Hill, or poor grasp of how things work in the U.S.?

6 Responses to “Bogus Headline of the Day”

  1. Barry Woods says:

    bit of both? ­čśë

    first comment there straightens things out…

    “One correction – The United States has a bi-cameral legislature and bills (new legislation) require the signature of the President.
    This is only 1/3 of the way to actually stripping the EPA of the power that they presumptively assumed.”

  2. thingsbreak says:

    That’s not even right, though, Barry (I know it’s not you saying it). The bill was voted through the subcommittee, it still hasn’t been voted on in the full Energy Committee, let alone the entire House yet.

  3. Ed Forbes says:

    ┬á┬á“power of the purse”┬ádefines where this issue is heading.

  4. harrywr2 says:

    The British also have a bi-cameral legislature. The difference being the House of Lords almost always rubber stamps the whatever the House of Commons does.

  5. Oh noes.. a non-American apparently doesn’t know the intricacies of the US House of┬áRepresentative sub-committees. Is that legal??

  6. Jay Currie says:

    The best thing about blogging is that, unlike in official climate science. when you make a bit of a howler, your commentors correct you.┬á No harm, no foul, no need to embarrass yourself by running an incompetent <a href=””>coverup</a>.

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