The Doomsday Chronicles, pt. 3

If you’re gonna be a doomer, this seems like the right attitude to take:

I begin the year convinced that our civilisation will collapse soon but at the same time enjoying the continuous Mozart on Radio 3, abandoning alcohol for the month with enthusiasm, and committing myself to three runs and 70 000 steps a week.

This mindset reminds me of a heroin addict I once knew who was also a health food nut and strict vegetarian. I once asked her why she was such a dietary stickler when she was poisoning herself with smack. “That’s even more the reason to pay attention to what I eat,” she said.

5 Responses to “The Doomsday Chronicles, pt. 3”

  1. klem says:

    The loonies are in control of the assylum.

  2. Heroin is morphine derivative. It is not a poison. It is well-excreted, it does not accumulate in the body.

  3. Jay Currie says:

    Really good heroin, as Shub points out, is not a poison.
    Health food and vegetarianism, on the other hand….well, something will kill you. And you will not have had much fun on the way.

  4. One could say the smack provides her with a bit of meaning and joy in life, as she kills herself with health foods and veganism.

  5. BenSix says:

    I’d guess that most health precautions have no physical effect; they just enhance one’s self esteem. It reminds me of a friend who scooped a burger, chips and beas onto his plate, saying “shit, I’m on a diet” and added a celery stick.

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