Solar vs Sacred

As someone who covers archaeology, climate change & energy, and ecology, this developing story fascinates me. The short post by Todd Woody barely scratches at the complex interplay of issues, so it’s worth following up if someone can get a deep dive assignment.

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  1. intrepid_wanders says:

    Ah, the full circle irony is quite amusing.  Environmentalist have long used similar tactics (spotted owls and river smelt) to further their beliefs, now the tactic is used against them and it is “the lawyers” fault.
    Hmmm… which ethic will we choose, “good” of a culture or “good” of a nation?

  2. harrywr2 says:

    It’s a story that goes back at least 5 years…the original testimony submitted provides a fairly good ‘flavor’ to the dispute.

    Then there is this.

  3. Keith Kloor says:

    My (borderline obsessive) coverage of Utah’s Nine Mile Canyon and the photo montage I chose for this blog gives a good flavor of my interest in this multi-dimensional issue.

  4. Huge Difference says:

    This is offtopic, but re:
    Wow.  The LA Times is really hard up for cash when about 25-40% of the column space is intrusive Google Ads and they break up a decent 1 – 2 page article into 7 so they can get more page views and google ad revenue.
    I used to really love the times, now I hope they just vanish in a puff of greasy black smoke.

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