There Will Be Blood

That was the story of oil’s birth, and it will be the story of its abrupt decline, predicts Stacy VanDeveer, a political scientist at the University of New Hampshire. In the interim, he offers some food for thought:

What are the implications for the existing petro states if we actually do bend the curve on carbon emissions?

6 Responses to “There Will Be Blood”

  1. Tom Fuller says:

    I wonder if people realize just how short the rule of oil is actually likely to be? We didn’t get more energy from oil than coal until 1965…
    Disney Dubai, anyone?

  2. Stacy VanDeveer’s video is the first of a number on a broad and diverse set of questions around the conflict and cooperation potential of the ways we address climate change. They will be featured on New Security Beat.

  3. Keith Kloor says:


    It’s great stuff. Any way you can get the videos out closer in time to when the panels occurred? Also, what about putting up transcripts of the events?

    You guys are raising important issues. Keep it up!

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