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How to Panic Weary Travelers

Kudos to Curtis Brainard over at The Observatory for his criticism of the media’s latest round of “overly alarming” swine flu coverage, which was driven by the recent White House report. As Brainard notes, The worst offender was perhaps USA Today. The White House report clearly states””many times, and at one point in big, capital…Continue Reading…

Remember When Inhaling Insecticide Was Fun

Ah, the nostalgia of those summertime DDT showers: My friends and I would dash along behind the jeep, running in and out of the gassy cloud, breathing in the strong odor of the insecticide as droplets condensed on our clothes and skin. This is an indelible memory for many baby boomer Americans. I once heard…Continue Reading…


They drive me crazy. They always have. I’m back in NYC one day–one damn day!–and already I have to give some stranger the stink eye on Court Street with my two little boys in tow. Now lest you think I’m some brave noble type, forget it, I size up my litterers before trying to shame…Continue Reading…

Foreign Policy's Crystal Ball

The Sept/Oct issue of Foreign Policy magazine is a must-read for anyone interested in energy and climate change-related issues. I’m just starting to work through it. David Rothkopf’s “Is a Green World a Safer World?” should prompt some interesting reax from the env security think tanks.

Boulder to Brooklyn

Well that didn’t take long. In the space of a few days, my two year old has gone from watching the fox scamper past our front door to skipping on subway grates.

Homeward Bound

So I’m on the last leg of my cross-country drive home, where I can go back to living the anti-Thomas Friedman lifestyle in my 750-square foot apt in Brooklyn. Ordinarily, I relish these (solitary) road trips, but this one, coming after a hellacious packing & moving experience, has already run its course for me. And…Continue Reading…

The Curse of Kirkpatrick Sale

This manifesto published recently at Grist seeks to rewrite the climate activist playbook. Why do I feel it’s the prelude to a larger internecine struggle within the environmental movement? Because there’s this growing belief among environmentalists that reversing the buildup of greenhouse gases is beyond our collective political, policy, and technical means. Forget about re-framing…Continue Reading…

Love Me Two Times

Flogging the mainstream media for its reporting on climate change is a daily sport of conservatives and liberals. But the stars must be weirdly aligned today, what with Planet Gore and Climate Progress both heaping praise on journalists. Even barking mad dogs know how to enjoy a good bone every now and then.

A Head Scratcher

If you are honest about the proposed climate change legislation in Congress, you have to be asking yourself this too: It’s such a colossal compromise from a scientific point of view that one wonders why industry is mobilizing elaborate and dishonest astroturf campaigns against it.

Banned Words

Carl Zimmer is compiling a list for science writers.