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The Doomsday Chronicles, pt. 2

PZ Myers has a suggestion for the media: When apocalyptic cults come along and announce disaster and doom, ridicule them. Just rip into them, send your most sarcastic, cynical reporters to cover the story, and just shred all the followers as loons and gullible freaks.

Apocalypse Suckers

The September issue of Scientific American has a bunch of interesting articles, including this introductory essay on why humans always seem to be fearing one doomsday or another. Here’s the irony: You might think that the enterprise of science, with its method and its facts, would inoculate us against the most extravagant doomsday obsessions. But…Continue Reading…

After the Collapse

The Oil Drum is the only site I know of that makes you think seriously about the end of the world. But even Nate Hagens, my favorite commentator there,  feels compelled to offer a disclaimer of sorts for this guest post by George Mobus.  Hagens writes: As an editor here, I continually struggle to find…Continue Reading…

Doomsday Shivers

Black holes and Mayan prophecies do the trick. Global warming not so much. Few seem to be getting worked up over peak oil, either, which has the resource depletion crowd wringing their hands. Still, these are boom times for the apocalypse, as this piece in the Chicago Tribune reports.